Not only is it the beginning of summer, but the beginning of grilling season as well. It’s time to start stocking up on your grilling essentials such as your meats, buns, charcoal or propane for the grill, ice for the coolers and all the drinks you could possibly think of. Along with all of this exciting and fun activity, consider the following tips that will allow you to create the perfect barbeque and keep the fun times going.

Ditch The Mosquitoes

What’s the one thing you dread and hate most about hanging around outside in the summertime, besides the heat? Bugs! But more importantly, mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can bring an end to your party real fast and send your guests “flying” back to their homes. Make sure you are well prepared for these pesky buzzers. Bug spray and citronella candles just aren’t enough to repel them sometimes. You can have a company such as Superior Mosquito Defense come to your house and use our Superior Barrier Shield Program. It is guaranteed to repel mosquitoes for at least three weeks. Make sure you are fully prepared to defend your yard against the mosquitoes.

Get In The Groove

It’s not uncommon to hear music playing while hosting or attending a barbeque but if the sound system isn’t up to par, it can damper the moods of your guests faster than a mosquito swarm. It’s best to plan ahead for a barbeque to make sure you’re fully prepared. This includes choosing good music and using a decent sound system. It shouldn’t be too hard with the many music options we have today; MP3 players, satellite radio, and iTunes, just to name a few.

Don’t Cook The Guests

The only thing cooking outside should be all that delicious meat on the grill, not your guests. Make sure there is plenty of shade for your guests to cool off under. Nobody has fun when you are swimming in your own sweat! You can set up a canopy to produce a shaded hang-out area for you and your guests to catch up and swap stories. If you don’t have a canopy and your backyard barbeque is without shade, you can provide a large cooler filled full of ice water and clean towels. You and your guests can enjoy ice cold towels to use to cool off when the heat begins to be too much.

Bigger Is Better

The appearance of your grill can and does matter. Nobody wants to arrive at your barbeque only to find their burgers and hot dogs grilling on what appears to be a trash barrel. Now is your time to shine and nothing shows just what you can do better than a nice top of the line shiny new grill! Make sure to have all the right utensils to really show off that grill and show your guests that you can be a grill master too.

Have Fun!

Even though you want to have the perfect barbeque and want to make sure everything is in place and going great, remember to have fun as well! You had the barbeque relax and enjoy some fun in the sun with your friends and family. Provide and play games like Frisbee or horseshoes. Maybe even try a game of volleyball or a small game of baseball if you have the space. Play catch or have a small pool for the children. Be sure to provide activities and games that are for children of all ages and for the adults as well.

So when you are getting ready to party, keeps these tips in mind. But make sure you get rid of the mosquitoes or you won’t be partying very long. Call the experts at Superior Mosquito Defense for help.