You don’t see many mosquitoes during the winter months, but as soon as that warm & humid weather returns, they are back and strong. Have you noticed how they seem to just magically disappear? So, the question is, where do they go?

Mosquitoes Are There

Sorry to ruin it for you, but the mosquitoes are there during the winter. They are just hiding and trying to stay warm just like you are. Some mosquitoes lay winter hardy eggs, which lie dormant in the soil until spring. In late summer or fall, the female mosquito lays her eggs singly in areas where the ground is moist. The eggs hatch when conditions become warm again.


Certain mosquitoes can survive winter in the larval stage. All mosquito larvae require water, even in winter. As the water temperature drops, it induces a state of diapause in the mosquito larvae, suspending further development and slowing metabolism. Development resumes when the water is warm again.

Many mosquito species live through the winter as adults. In the fall, they mate and the males die. Only females spend the cold months hidden in protected places. Such as hollow logs or animal burrows.

Warm Weather Returns

When warm weather returns, the female mosquitoes must first find a blood meal to develop her eggs. Just when you’re outside enjoy the beautiful warm weather, the female mosquito is in full force just for you. Once they have fed, the female mosquitoes lay their eggs in whatever standing water they can find.

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