With the warm temperatures of summer come pool days, backyard barbecues, and those pesky mosquitos. Mosquitos don’t just cause itchy bites, but they can also transmit serious diseases. Here are five mosquito-borne diseases that mosquito control treatments can prevent.


While there are no recorded cases of Dengue fever in the U.S., it poses a serious threat, especially with the U.S. experiencing higher temperatures in recent summers. In the globalized world, an outbreak in Central America could quickly spread north.


The Chikungunya virus has seen an increase of confirmed cases since 2013, mostly emanating from the Caribbean. Although it is not deadly, infection causes severe pain. There is no cure, and it is treated only with pain medications.

West Nile Virus

Many remember the outbreak of West Nile Virus at the turn of the millennium. Thanks to mosquito control methods, this disease is now under control and cases are rare. However, each year a handful of cases are recorded. West Nile Virus can have serious flu-like symptoms or lead to death. 

Dog Heartworm

Even if families spray themselves with insect repellent regularly, they may not realize their dog is still at risk. Dog Heartworm is a life-threatening disease for canines.

Zika Virus

The Zika Virus outbreak at the beginning of 2016 has grasped global attention because of the dangerous birth defects associated with the virus. Scientists do not fully understand this disease but are studying it and advising women in some regions to avoid becoming pregnant until the Zika Virus is better understood. The Zika Virus is predicted to come to the U.S. as temperatures warm and the mosquito season arrives.

These five diseases are serious concerns for the health of U.S. families, but thankfully, they can be fought through safe mosquito control methods. Professionally mosquito-proofing yards gives children a safe place to play, prevents transmission of these diseases, and provides peace of mind, so families can enjoy their backyards safely.

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