Have you ever attended an outdoor wedding or other special event only to find the whole thing ruined because of nasty mosquitos? Who wants to be outdoors when you’re going to be under attack? Whatever your reason for enjoying the great outdoors, be it camping, grilling, a wedding or some other type of party, you can fight back against biting bugs. A good mosquito repelling spray will help insure that everyone has a good time (with the exception of the mosquitoes, of course!)

We can help you in the fight against mosquitoes. Our Superior Mosquito Defense special events option can provide the protection you need. Our qualified technicians will come out and spray the location 24-48 hours before the scheduled event. If you have a particularly nasty mosquito problem, our techs can make two visits.

During these visits, technicians will spray both the areas of the property where mosquitoes are likely to be thriving as well as the areas where the actual event will take place. Our mosquito control mist eliminates pests on contact, immediately reducing the mosquito population. When remaining mosquitoes come in contact with treated plant material, they will then be eliminated.

Outdoor events come in all types and sizes. Whether you are planning an intimate dinner, family barbecue or large scale event, we can help. We are happy to work with event planners, caterers, and other involved vendors. We’ll work with them to coordinate the best time and best places to apply Superior Mosquito Defense. We’ll even come before breakfast to apply spray defense before vendors and others arrive.

Don’t let your planning and preparation be ruined by party-crashing mosquitoes. Call a professional mosquito control company to come to your defense. Our special event mosquito spray is well worth it. If you’d like to know more or are ready to take advantage of our services, please contact Superior Mosquito Defense today!