If you’re looking to improve the health, vigor, and overall appearance of your landscape, pruning is one of the best things you can do. And here’s some great news: It’s not too late to prune your trees and shrubs! On the contrary, winter is actually one of the best times to prune. Here are 5 reasons why!

#1 – Trees and shrubs are dormant

Pruning when your trees and shrubs are dormant provides multiple benefits. First, you can see what you are doing. This results in proper, safer, and ultimately more effective cuts. Second, the dead and diseased branches are more visible, making it much easier to remove them. Third, you avoid the possibility of making the mistake of trimming a branch that is still growing, causing extensive damage in the future.

#2 – New Growth Is Promoted

By removing overgrown, dead, and diseased branches you are promoting new, healthy, and beneficial growth. Instead of the wayward, broken, and hanging branches weighing down and adding stress on your trees and shrubs, remove them and improve the overall health and structure of your trees and shrubs. And it will be more aesthetically pleasing!

#3 – Disease Prevention

Oak wilt, blight, leaf spot and black knot are just a few of the diseases that can wreak havoc on your trees and shrubs. Winter pruning is one of the best ways to prevent these diseases. As mentioned earlier, not only will these diseases be easier to spot (now that the trees and shrubs are dormant), but also, once spotted and pruned, any possibility of the disease spreading is halted.

#4 – Winter Pruning Is Good For The Plant

Winter pruning allows the nutrients your plants stored for winter to be used more efficiently. Instead of being wasted on the dead, dying, or diseased branches, the nutrients will be used on the healthy branches, which will ultimately support and stimulate growth come springtime.

#5 – Winter Pruning Is Good For You

Instead of being trapped inside during the cold winter months, you get a chance to go outside, enjoy your landscape, all while improving the overall health and future of your trees and shrubs!

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