You’ve spent your hard earned time and money on taking care of your lawn this past year. Now that winter is here you finally get a break, right? Well, not quite yet. It’s around this time each year that we begin to prepare ourselves for the cold weather. We bring the sweatpants, sweatshirts, and blankets out to ensure we survive these chilly months. In the same way, your lawn is preparing itself to survive the winter months too!

For example, in this very moment your grass is storing nutrients (moisture, carbon dioxide, chlorophyll, etc…) that aid in wintertime survival. Without these nutrients, your grass is at risk of drying out, and/or catching a lawn disease that can result in dead grass come springtime.

Now that fall is coming to an end, it is the perfect time to lay the groundwork to ensure that healthy springtime lawn you’ve always desired. And it will impress your neighbors! Here are three things you can do right now to prepare your lawn for the winter.

Pull the weeds

Weeds are thieves. Fall weeds will steal those nutrients (mentioned above) that your grass is trying to store for the wintertime. Not only does this prevent your grass from getting what it needs, but it also gives the weeds strength to survive winter, and come back stronger in spring.

The best way to take advantage of these weeds being in “absorb” mode is to apply an herbicide. Instead of stealing and absorbing the nutrients from your grass, the weeds will absorb the herbicide into the root system. This guarantees the weed will be completely killed, and it makes it extremely difficult to return.

Rake the leaves

Raking leaves is one of those tasks you hate to do, but it is vital to the health and appearance of your lawn. A lawn that has not been raked is at risk of moisture getting trapped beneath the leaves (between the grass), which can cause a number of lawn diseases, lawn mold being one of the most likely. Here are some of the perks that come with a freshly raked lawn:
Room to breathe – Without leaves in the way, your grass has room to breathe. Sunlight and oxygen (and the essential nutrients they bring) have easier access to the grass’ root systems, which is very important around this time of year.
An uninviting environment – Pests that could damage your lawn are much less likely to come if there is less cover. Raking is a method of pest control.
Visually appealing – Nothing looks better than a leaf-free lawn!

Feed The Lawn

It’s getting close, but it is not too late to fertilize your lawn one last time. It will give your grass those important nutrients an extra boost to survive winter and thrive in spring.

At Superior Lawn Care we have all you need to protect and prepare your lawn for winter. Our experienced professionals will guide you through our weed control and lawn fertilizer program and will advise you on what’s best for your lawn right now. You can read about our EcoGreen BioNutritional Lawn Care Program here. 

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