Looking for a healthier, greener yard? It could be time to improve your irrigation system for your house. Overall, the biggest problem is not enough watering. And there are a couple irrigation systems that can help you with that.

How to Improve Your Irrigation System

The easiest solution is to water your plants by hand on a regular basis, but if that doesn’t solve everything, the next step is a sprinkler. Sprinklers with timers are recommended due to their timeliness and effectiveness. Consistent watering will help the plants grow healthy. Too much or too little water can often result in disease. According to Water Use It Wisely, installation of rain or soil moisture sensors will help you know when you’re over or under watering your plants. This sensor will help reduce the daily scheduled irrigation so your plants won’t be watered too much. The cheaper alternative to a soil sensor is a rain sensor. Soil sensors are more accurate that rain sensors, however, a rain sensor can measure the moisture level of the root system.

Types of Irrigation


One the most popular forms of irrigation, due to their ability to cover large areas of land. Automatic and manual sprinklers will both get the job done, but an automatic must be changed in different weather conditions. The perfect time to water is in the morning to reduce evaporation rate. 

Drip Irrigation

The better option when it comes to small yards. Unlike sprinklers, drip irrigation has very little water loss because of evaporation and runoff. This form of irrigation goes directly to the soil, so it’s good for mulched areas. 

Hand Watering

Another efficient watering method. This method helps homeowners not overwater. By using a portable sprinkler and adjusting the nozzle you can provide proper irrigation to your yard just by looking and measuring if the water is overflowing. If you notice the water is fully absorbed in the soil, it’s time to water something new! 

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